Starting My New Allotment at RHS Garden Rosemoor!


Here in Somerset, spring is definitely in the air!

Nature is stirring, the days are getting longer, and despite being battered by a relentless spate of storms, the daffodils are blooming defiantly!

It’s a beautiful time of growth, hope and new beginnings – and as the seasons change, I’ve noticed a shift in my own life too.

A wonderful thing that’s happened this year, is that I’ve been able to start new Lyme treatments.

Unfortunately, treating chronic Lyme disease isn’t quick, cheap or easy, but despite the challenges, I’m grateful to be on this healing path, that I hope will lead to remission! ??

I’ve also had the joy of landing a place on an amazing allotment gardening course, at RHS Rosemoor in Devon.

Although the timing could’ve been better (with my health) I’m beyond excited for this incredible opportunity to learn from the experts, and to be studying something I love!

Starting my Allotment Journey

At the beginning of February, I started my course and finally got to see my new plot!

Most of the plots are rectangular, but I was given the corner plot, which is suitably quirky and is surprisingly bigger than it looks!

I also got to meet my wonderful new tutors and the 10 other students on the course.

Meeting new people was pretty daunting (especially as I’m normally so isolated) but everyone has been so lovely, and I’ve even made some new friends!

Soil Cultivations

On the very first day, we had our lesson and then jumped straight into starting our soil cultivations.

To prepare the soil, we’ve been double-digging the first half of our plots (by creating trenches and adding in manure) and simply forking over the rest.

Soil Cultivations

The soil at Rosemoor is soft like butter (vegan butter, of course! ?), but since the storms, the ground has been really water-logged. This has made the soil heavy to turn over, and at times it’s been impossible to work.

Planting Our Very First Seeds

Although our soil cultivations are still ongoing, we’ve already been busy in the potting shed, planting our very first seeds!

The seeds we’re using have all been donated by Mr Fothergill’s and so far we’ve planted a fabulous selection of broad beans, cabbages, peas and Little Gem lettuces!

For the time being, our germinating seeds are being kept undercover in the polytunnel, but with spring romping on, I know it won’t be long before we’ll be planting them out in our plots!

Do you grow your own produce, or are you thinking of giving it a go? I’d love to hear your thoughts! ?

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Chrissy Faery

Chrissy created Grateful Green Life to share her journey and connect with others wishing to live a more natural lifestyle. Chrissy is passionate about plants and gardening, and enjoys creating vegan recipes with her lovingly homegrown produce.


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